Good Design From life


  As a fashion brand from Florence, Italy, JULIA&JULIE advocates and pursues the design philosophy of “providential delicacy without excessive design” and follows the fashion of Italy and the profoundness of Florence. JULIA&JULIE is committed to discussing the relationship among art, humanity and philosophy by taking fashion as the carrier and good at reflecting the intellectual debutante temperament of Oriental women with modern and western design.

In 2015, participated in the "Tmall Designer Competition" and won the first prize from vote of consumers' preference

In 2015, was highly recommended with other nine well-known designers in iFashion Week of Taobao.

In 2016, was annually shortlisted as the most popular brand of the independent designer in the “2016 Style Award”.

The JULIA&JULIE brand also won the “Top 100 in Brand Value of Chinese Clothing Innovation”.